IMG_1001-bypass pumps before enclosure
IMG_1002-bypass pumps before enclosure
IMG_2002-liner on truck
IMG_2003-liner being wetted
IMG_3001-access struct 4 base
IMG_3002-access struct 4 inside
IMG_3003-access struct 4 complete
IMG_3004 access struct 2 base
IMG_3006 access struct 2 top
IMG_4001-brick mh with sewer liner
IMG_4002-brick mh being lined
IMG_5001-sanitary cleanout

Project Description:  In response to the requirement to reduce combined sewer overflows to the White River and increase the structural integrity of old brick sewers, the city of Anderson installed a cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liner with the following key elements:

  • 85 million gallon per day bypass pumping system
  • 1,170 feet of 84-inch CIPP liner
  • 2,300 feet of 96-inch CIPP liner
  • 9 manhole liners

United Consulting initially reviewed various rehabilitation and reconstruction techniques and systems.  Multiple lining systems were bid and the cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liner system was selected and installed.

Due to the disruption to the neighborhood, public outreach was conducted including public meetings and project presentation, newspaper ads, Facebook, and other media.  The public was updated weekly in regards to traffic and other impacts.

Approximate Cost:  $3.85 M

Breadth of Services Provided by UNITED:  Survey, Construction Method and System Evaluation, Design, Bid Phase Assistance, Public Outreach and Meetings, Construction Administration, and Construction Inspection